Sprite flips the script on parent-child lectures for a new generation

The spot, created by GUT Buenos Aires, shows Gen Z explaining modern-day topics to their parents.

Parents often need to sit their children down for a lecture about the complexities of life — but Generation Z is now leading the conversation.

In Sprite’s spot "They Need Guidance," Gen Zers open up conversations with their parents across modern-day cultural topics. One teen tells her parents that children can have two moms or two dads while another explains to his dad that "gay is not an insult." Later, a girl scolds her parents for wasting water and another Gen Zer tells her dad he should respect his vegan friend. 

All of the parents look baffled by their children’s lectures, but Gen Z understands "your age can just be very disorientating." The spot ends with the tagline," We are the first gen educating our parents."