Spotify lets brands target users

Playlist Targeting identifies user moods and activities

Spotify's marketing platform — Spotify for Brands — on Thursday announced a new solution called Playlist Targeting that offers up the music streaming service's user data for targeting by brands. It debuts on May 1.

The new service taps into users' playlists to identify moods or activities like working out, commuting or relaxing. Historical listening behavior is used to construct profiles, and segments are refreshed on a daily basis based on news, playlists, and users.

Playlist Targeting is part of an updated suite of Spotify Audience Targeting capabilities enabling marketers to target users on both mobile and desktop platforms. Segments can be parsed by age, gender, geography, as well as by what users are listening to at a particular time of day.

"Our global footprint in 58 countries gives brands unprecedented ways to reach streaming consumers," says Spotify Chief Revenue Officer Jeff Levick. Company statistics show the average streamer listening for 148 minutes per day.

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