Sony launches 4,000 color-filled balloons in UK Bravia campaign

DDB Berlin creates a visually stunning and technologically challenging spot for Sony's LCD TV brand.

Sony's new Bravia ad features an array of 4,000 white balloons bursting with multicolored glitter to show off the television's prowess.

The ad, which launches across UK and the rest of Europe next month, uses a mixture of drones and handheld video cameras and was shot in ultra-high definition 4K.

Sony, which has recently held pitches as part of a review for the Bravia account across Europe, said the new ad is in the tradition of celebrated ads such as "Balls", created by Fallon London to launch the brand in 2005. 

Created by DDB Berlin, the new ad was shot by director Andre Stringer in a derelict casino in Romania using 4,000 balloons and more than 3,000 pounds of glitter.  

Opening with a single white balloon entering an empty building, the casino gradually fills with balloons and mesmerizes onlookers before the balloons explode in a cacophony of color as glitter cascades around the casino.

Visuals were shot by high-speed photographer Fabian Oefner, who attached a noise sensor to the camera shutter, so that it triggered every time a balloon popped, helping him to achieve detailed images.

Sony worked with Tom Odell to create a new version of Cyndi Lauper’s classic track "True Colors" for the soundtrack.

In the UK, the ad will run across ITV and Channel 4 beginning October 1. It was created by Jacopo Biorcio, Alan Dindo and Chiara Chessa at DDB Berlin. 

As well as the TV spot, the campaign will run across cinema, video on demand, digital, out of home and point of sale to deliver the core message: "More Brilliance. More Beauty."

Shuhei Sugihara, head of brand and product communication for Sony Europe, said: "Whether through our products, or through our marketing, our company’s philosophy is to satisfy people’s curiosity."

"Our new TV commercial continues Bravia’s legacy of adverts. From balls, bunnies and flower petals to balloons and glitter – Sony has always used striking color and visual beauty to showcase its range of televisions. The creative direction of this footage was based on the same idea, and we hope viewers truly feel something from this beautiful image, which uses a million glittery details to truly demonstrate the difference our 4K HDR TVs provide in terms of color, contrast and detail."


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