Scion skewers two-and-a-half celebs in new spot

Droga5's new work for automaker taps younger buyer's curiosity

Droga5 is no stranger to the offbeat. (Just consider its offbeat ads for Johnsonville Brats or Newcastle.)

The agency's latest series of spots for Toyota-owned Scion continue to engage the strange.

The ads feature James Franco, Jaleel White and the weird car-dealership inflatable man created for the 1996 Olympics.

Each features the protagonist coming to terms with his other self, such as Jaleel White with a wax-museum version of his character Urkel from the sitcom "Family Matters."

Speaking to USA Today, Scion's general manager Doug Murtha said, "People who buy the iM and iA are independent-minded, and our goal for this quirky campaign is to pique their interest in Scion."