Sarson's "the fish and chip campaign" by Mcgarrybowen

The vinegar brand Sarson’s has released its first above-the-line work in a decade – a charming print campaign depicting the friendship (or possibly the romance) between a fish and a chip. Mcgarrybowen created the print ads, which show the illustrated characters bathing together in vinegar, dousing themselves in vinegar perfume and sharing a pint of vinegar down the pub. Each poster also references Fridays, the day Sarson’s hopes to re-establish as one for fish and chips. Mcgarrybowen has overseen Sarson’s advertising since July 2013. The agency won a pitch by Mizkan, which had bought the brand from Premier Foods in 2012. Mcgarrybowen also handles creative work for Branston pickle and Haywards, which were sold by Premier Foods to Mizkan at the same time as Sarson’s in a deal worth £92.5 million. The Sarson’s work was created by Remco Graham and Richard Holmes, and illustrated by Paul Thurlby, whose work also appears in publications such as The Guardian and The New Yorker.