Sam's Club makes Super Bowl debut with Kevin Hart

The comedian shows how everyone can get the VIP treatment with the Scan & Go app.

Kevin Hart is used to receiving special treatment as a celebrity — but now everyone can feel like a VIP with Sam’s Club’s Scan & Go app. 

Sam’s Club introduced the in-app shopping feature, which lets members scan products and skip the checkout line when shopping in store, in its debut Super Bowl spot. 

Hart is under the impression that Sam’s Club is giving him the VIP treatment because he’s a celebrity. 

"Sam's Club created the Scan & Go app just for me so I can scan my stuff and skip the checkout line 'cause that's what VIPs do," Hart says while walking in the store. "Even my stunt double has a stunt double, how VIP is that?"

He adds, "Scan and Go was made just for me people! You know what was made for you? The line!"

However, everyone can receive the same benefits and convenience as Hart with the app.

"Guys, he's doing it again," a Sam’s Club employee says, indicating that this isn’t the first time the store has dealt with Hart’s antics.