Ryan Reynolds' Mint Mobile recycles old ad for Super Bowl

The wireless company saved marketing dollars by flipping the spot upside down and adding a voice-over.

Mint Mobile chose to work smarter — not harder — for its Super Bowl spot by recycling an old ad.

The wireless company used a 2020 commercial featuring owner Ryan Reynolds, but flipped the visual upside down. The spot, created by Maximum Exposure, was given a fresh feel with a new voice-over, recorded by Reynolds. 

The actor tells viewers not to adjust their sets even though the picture is flipped upside down. 

"You’re watching a recycled commercial," Reynolds says. "See, at Mint Mobile we’re always looking for ways to save our money, so we can save you money. So, instead of paying for a new commercial, we’re reusing this old one."

He adds, "We only made one change. You probably didn’t even notice."

Mint Mobile saved even more money by airing the spot right before the Super Bowl  (between 4 – 4:30pm ET on February 13).