Running breathes life into zombies in Brooks' first TV spot

Leo Burnett Chicago tells a story of survival ... almost

Leo Burnett Chicago’s first work for Brooks Running is also the athletic-wear company’s first TV spot. The three-minute mini-film (15- and 30-second versions will actually air) follows a troupe of zombies as they terrorize survivors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The hunt for flesh leads them to an abandoned shoe store, and the footwear rekindles a bit of the old life they once had. Joints pop back into place, and hungry moans are replaced by measured breaths and staccato footfalls against worn pavement. No time to eat a little girl – have to maintain pace. "The Rundead" debuts Feb. 13 during the Olympic Marathon Trials and will be supported by print and digital ads in running publications and on media streaming services.


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