Rover encourages pet owners to share their idiosyncrasies

The spot, created by Little Hands of Stone, shows how weird 'helicopter pet parents' can get.

Rover, a pet-sitting service, isn’t afraid of pet owners having weirdly specific care instructions for their pets. In fact, the weirder, the better. 

In the spot, directed by Hungry Man’s Alex Gorosh, real Rover customers share their pets’ phobias, obsessions, wardrobe preferences, calming techniques and much more. One fury pal is "obsessed with filet mignon" but can eat "a little salmon." Another pet owner says her fur baby "only likes to be touched on his head. Please do not pet his paws."

"This is why I can’t ask my friends to do this," a woman says. But, a Rover employee is ready for the challenge. "Yeah, sounds good. When do we start?" the employee asks.