Ridley Scott premieres unsettling 'Alien: Covenant' film at SXSW

Michael Fassbender comes alive as Walter, an android powered by AMD

On the opening night of SXSW, director Ridley Scott teased his upcoming movie "Alien: Covenant," set to debut in May, with a short film called "Meet Walter," after a screening of his 1979 hit "Alien." Created by 3AM, the 2:27 film is a partnership with Fox and technology firm AMD. In a beautifully shot Frankenstein-esque scene, we see the movie’s main character—an android named Walter, played by Michael Fassbender, being pieced together using 3D-printed materials and AMD’s SenseMi technology. The film will be promoted across social channels and is part of a larger #MeetWalter digital campaign, which also includes an interactive website where users can explore Walter’s technological makeup. 


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