Reese's University recruits prospective students with admissions video

The tuition-free university welcomes everyone to become a Fighting Cuppy.

Earlier this month, Reese’s launched a fictional university for peanut butter and chocolate lovers. 

Reese’s University has its own team, the Fighting Cuppies, and a real mascot with a giant peanut butter cup head. Almost anyone can join with the school’s 99.99% acceptance rate.

The tuition-free university announced open enrollment and is trying to recruit new students through its admissions video. In the spot, created by McGarryBowen, prospective students get a taste of campus life. 

"It’s a place, but also a journey," the voice-over says. "An institution but more than that, an ideal. This is Reese’s University where there is no limit to what you can do with chocolate, with peanut butter, with life." 

Clips are shown of students walking on campus, learning peanut butter cup chemistry, making peanut butter cup art and bonding with friends over Reese’s. 

"I’m RU," the students say. "Are you RU?"