taps rapper Big Boi to celebrate Black homeownership

The spot, created by Majority, shows the magic of owning your first 'Big Boi' home.

Homeownership is a luxury that has not always been attainable by the Black community due to housing discrimination. 

Since 2019, millennial homeownership has been on the rise with Black home buyers leading the charge, according to the National Association of Realtors. tapped rapper Big Boi, one-half of hip hop duo OutKast, to celebrate the surge in Black homeownership. "Our First Big Boi House" follows a young couple who purchased a home using 

While the couple unpacks, Big Boi appears in the house to share their excitement over the smallest details. He praises the couple’s "Big Boi" kitchen, waterfall shower, vaulted ceilings, crawlspace, hidden closet and more.