Real people named John Smith share discrimination stories for "Love Has No Labels"

The Ad Council spot was filmed in Facebook's new vertical ad format

The Ad Council’s latest "Love Has No Labels" PSA shows that even people with the same name, such as John Smith—the most common name in America—can be labeled by their race, religion, gender, ability, sexuality or age. In "Meet John Smith," John Smiths of all different backgrounds meet each other for the first time and share their personal stories of times they’ve been discriminated against. "Even with the same name," reads text in the spot, "they are all treated and labeled differently." The nonprofit worked with Facebook’s Creative Shop and filmed it in Facebook’s new vertical ad format. The two-minute spot is an extension to its Emmy-winning "Love Has No Labels" campaign. The original 2015 video has been viewed over 164 million times, with more than 57.8 million views from YouTube alone.