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How to reach multicultural audiences through in-content advertising… using AI

Mirriad’s technology uses AI to scan for relevant brand placements.
Mirriad’s technology uses AI to scan for relevant brand placements.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Campaign US spoke to Mirriad about how it’s using AI to help brands reach bigger and more diverse audiences.

Many of us binged on our favorite TV shows during the pandemic. If you were watching a big show like This is Us or Grey's Anatomy, you might've noticed the cereals on the table, the billboards when the characters were walking down the street, and the images on their home computers. Imagine you could swap out those cereals, billboards and computer screens for your brand.

That’s the power of Mirriad’s AI tech.

Mirriad’s in-content advertising uses AI-powered digital effects to insert brands into targeted TV, digital, film and music programming after it’s been filmed, instantly creating new advertising possibilities in an increasingly ad-free on-demand environment. Mirriad’s in-content advertising consistently delivers strong brand results for advertisers; Kantar research shows it averages 42% increases in advertising awareness and 20% increases in purchase intent, leading to 40% increases in actual brand consumption. Also, 85% of viewers like the format which helps increase the brands appeal for 81% of consumers.

The rise of social injustice movements have prompted more companies to lean into multicultural consumers. They're allocating larger portions of their budgets to content and messaging that resonate with these communities. Some organisations are committing between 2% and 5% of their annual media spend on minority-owned outlets, part of a growing effort on Madison Avenue to shift ad dollars in support of multicultural media.

In response, Mirriad has accelerated the growth of its multicultural marketplace, a marketplace that includes partners like Univision, Aspire, iTalkBB, Tastemade, as well as the Mirriad Music Alliance (a newly formed business unit designed to empower minority owned and run music labels and artists). Through this diverse portfolio of partners, brands have an entirely new way to connect authentically with niche audiences, in an intuitive and thoughtful manner.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, Maria Teresa Hernandez, Mirriad’s VP of brand partnerships answers some questions. The US Hispanic population is expected to grow from 60 million to more than 140 million by 2050, and Maria says: “As a pioneering tech in the space, it’s a priority for Mirriad to continue to build a Multicultural Marketplace that connects brands to diverse content and creators. This is a growing content library for brands to choose from, while staying accountable in how they show up. This means authentically and responsibly weaving into shows that highlight the beautiful multicultural experience, and not distracting from it.”

What is in-content advertising and how does Mirriad do it differently?
In the literal sense, in-content advertising is the only way for brands to engage viewers in targeted programming across entertainment and music at scale. There’s traditional product placement – in the same way it’s existed for decades, and then there’s Mirriad. The aha! moment for brands comes when they realize how simple and effective it really is. Mirriad AI-powered integrations gives brands unprecedented access into hundreds of shows within a targeted flight window, including brand safety controls that enable them to know exactly how they will be creatively represented in content. This enables brands to drive multi-integration campaigns, across targeted programming and platforms. It’s a huge leap forward for the advertising industry. And even more exciting, we’re seeing significant lift results propelled by the sheer vastness of campaign reach and frequency of exposure.

Why are these new digital possibilities so exciting?
Here’s the thing, consumers are ping-ponging across platforms when it comes to their daily consumption. So why not build a multi-platform campaign that follows your key consumers throughout that journey. With Mirriad you can do that. Our in-content ad format gives our brand partners the ability to strategize against moments across TV premiers, encores, music videos, influencers – basically anything that’s pre-recorded and scheduled to air. So instead of being tied to one new show, Mirriad can weave you across dozens of shows... and quite possibly at a fraction of the cost of traditional product placement. 

Why is this kind of AI product placement so useful right now?
The shift in the way we view entertainment has changed; on-demand and streaming have risen two-fold, especially during Covid. Mirriad is able to create ad space where there was none before, and without interruption.

How is it different from other forms of advertising?
What makes Mirriad’s ad format unique is the access into content in a way that’s never before been possible, all at scale. For example, partners like A&E and Crown Media drive access to their full family of networks, including Lifetime, History, and Hallmark. So in Q4, Mirriad’s platform has already ingested hundreds of titles, with thousands of placement opportunities identified. So if a brand comes to us this week and says, “Hey Mirriad, we’re looking to align our brand with Holiday moments across TV and Digital programming, can we do it?” The answer is, “Yes!” And guess what, here are hundreds of examples you can choose from, all ready to go live in weeks.

How does it solve the problems of traditional product placement?
Traditional product placement is expensive, time consuming and you don’t know if that particular scene will make the final cut in the edit room – or if the brand goals of visual representation or verbal mention will be met.

With Mirriad you’re no longer limited to a one and done. You can truly scale by targeting hundreds of shows and moments within those shows, and because the show is already filmed and ingested into our dashboard, brands have creative control of how they show up, all within the guardrails and content restrictions set in place by the brand. Brands can buy flighted media campaigns that run during their campaign window. This enables them to increase their unique reach when it’s most important, when the campaign is live. And the best part: research continues to show the ad format drives significant sales results. It’s a game changer!

How can Mirriad help brands engage with multicultural audiences?
Through proprietary technology, Mirriad has the ability not only to insert products in contextually and culturally relevant moments on screen, but also drive in-language messaging through signage and video placements. This means inserting a branded billboard in a street scene, or having a brand’s video creative inserted onto a TV screen in a living room scene within a culturally diverse show. We’ve done this kind of work with T-Mobile and Tecate, where driving cultural messaging through digitally inserted billboards saw significant brand lifts. 

What's more compelling is that consumers are taking note! A 2019 survey revealed that 85% of Latino consumers and 79% of Black consumers took an action after seeing an ad they considered to be diverse or inclusive. We’re also committed to supporting diverse creators through our Music Alliance, a community of creators and music labels that allow brands to weave themselves into filmed content. Not only does this streamline brands’ access across thousands of artists and niche genres, but it also empowers diverse creative communities that are often overlooked by advertisers.

What’s next for Mirriad’s technology?
There’s so much on the horizon. We’re driving massive scale across all content verticals that’s allowing brands to target their key consumer segments. This is also being enabled through numerous technical integrations across the media industry that allows for a streamlined buying process.

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