Private View: SunnyD's new work gets sweet response

Hannah Forbes

Strategy director, Influence, Content Studio, R/GA 

Hell yeah, SunnyD. 

After not seeing the brand for such a long time it’s so refreshing to see them come out this spot. From dancing with robots in the classroom to acrobats on bicycles to funky backyard innovations, it makes you want to play, embrace your weirdness and explore the depths of your creativity. While it’s clear they are targeting Gen Z, it reminds older generations of the innate pleasure of where our curious, energetic imaginations can take us. It’s incredibly refreshing to see the brand take such a spirited approach, especially in today’s distressing climate.

Let’s say yes to more secret handshakes, more play, and more spots like this.

Amy Carvajal

Executive creative director, J. Walter Thompson

Deriving from scenes reminiscent of Pump Up the Volume and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, this retro-inspired work still feels surprisingly modern.

The story begins with a young aspiring DJ/producer in some sort of makeshift studio supplementing a sound track with the music of DJ Kass before jumping to a series of up-and-coming YouTube sensationsso energized by SunnyD that they find themselves boldly empowered by their own unique talents. Everyone from Uma Thurman to Britney Spears is channeled here and the connection between the drink and the feelings of energy, confidence and rhythm is made abundantly clear.

Overall, the spot feels like a movie trailer for the SunnyD experience and the narrative is a strong anthem that can be built on. Unlike the 90s where you had to be part of a tribe or group to fit in, the suggestion is that today you can your uniqueness will be celebrated (ie, you don’t have to sit in one camp, you can create a new one). These feelings of liberation are strategically tied to the freedom of this "not a juice, not a soda" beverage. However, if this particular point is their strategy, it could have come through even stronger (you really have to be paying attention or the point is missed).

No doubt, this visually and musically appealing spot will be favored especially well with younger viewers as it plays out across all channel