Post Malone rallies together with Jägermeister to 'Save the Night'

The spot supports the return of nightlife to local businesses and communities.

Some local venues are still recovering from the damage COVID-19 did to their businesses. But Post Malone and Jägermeister want to give nightlife a boost. 

In the short film "Night Lights," Post Malone walks into a bar, ready to party. Instead he finds the bar is empty and the bartender isn’t getting any business. Malone heads to the streets, where he invites people to come back with him to the bar. His efforts pay off and the bar is filled with jubilant bargoers. 

The bartender pours shots of Jägermeister in celebration. "We’ve worked hard to get these moments back. Here’s to keeping them forever," Malone says. 

The spot is part of Malone and Jägermeister’s #SavetheNight initiative to help bring life back to nightlife.