Plus-size women shouldn't do yoga, right?

Inspiring Penningtons ad starring full-figured yoga instructor takes on the haters

A new ad from clothing retailer Penningtons — which carries Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 line — features plus-size yoga instructor Dianne Bondy defying criticisms, echoing a certain much-awarded Under Armour ad

The video shows the full-figured teacher performing yoga moves against a backdrop of critical sayings regarding large women and yoga, such as they "have no balance," or "they can't lift themselves." Bondy echoes this sentiment on her Facebook page, saying of the video:  "I will no longer apologize for my body, for my size and for who I am."

The YouTube video — with over 1.5 million views — is part of a series by the fashion line called #iwontcomprimise which the brand is extending across social channels.