Planet Fitness' Super Bowl spot checks in on Lindsay Lohan

It's the latest installment in the fitness company's 'Feel Fitacular' campaign.

Once upon a time, actress Lindsay Lohan was tabloid fodder with a barrage of headlines and paparazzi photos. 

Lohan has since settled down into a quieter life, but many were left wondering what she’s been up to these days. Planet Fitness has the answer in its Super Bowl spot, "What’s Gotten Into Lindsay?"

In the ad, created by Publicis Worldwide, William Shatner wonders why Lohan appears better than ever. 

She’s said to be "sharper," even beating Buzzy Cohen and Dennis Rodman at "Jeopardy!" Lohan traded in her late nights for a full night’s sleep, leaving paparazzi in tears. And she’s also more productive — "trading DUI’s for DIYs." 

"Maybe it’s not what’s gotten into Lindsay, it’s what Lindsay’s gotten into," Shatner says while Lohan leaves the gym after a satisfying workout. 

The spot is part of Planet Fitness’ star-studded "Feel Fitacular" campaign starring Shatner, Rodman, Cohen and Danny Trejo, among others.