Pilgrim's Choice "Dishes of your dreams" by Above & Beyond

Pilgrim's Choice continues its cheese dream synopses with a trippy series of spots.

The brand is highlighting the otherworldly powers of cheese with the second phase of its "The cheese of your dreams" campaign, blending CGI, puppetry and live performance. In what could be explained as a food-fuelled drug trip, a slice of tomato magically mutates into a windmill-carrying whale, while a burger patty transforms into a cheddar-spewing volcano. Pilgrim’s Choice is also working with shoppable content platform Whisk to let people purchase the ingredients used in each spot via social (windmill not included).

This campaign follows on from last year’s "Charlie’s dream" ad, which visualised one cheese lover’s random run-in with a hungry pirate. The work was directed by Rick and Mario and Adeena Grubb through Red Knuckles.


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