Peyton Manning kicks off ads for Nationwide

Ogilvy & Mather drafts Broncos quarterback for sequel to Super Bowl spot

Nationwide's 2014 ad featuring Peyton Manning was a touchdown with consumers. (Unlike the insurance company's 2015 Super Bowl spot, which fumbled big time.)

NFL quarterback Manning is back with an ad that picks up right where the 2014 ad, also by Ogilvy & Mather, left off. As in the first, Manning can't seem to get the brand's jingle out of his head. He quietly ad libs thoughts to the tune.

The Super Bowl champ said of the original ad "I was really amazed by how much fans embraced the first ‘Jingle’ ad."

Further iterations of the concept will appear thoroughout the NFL season, which is bad news for Manning: speaking to the AP, he said he runs from the room if he sees his Nationwide spot. "Nobody should be caught watching themselves on a commercial."