Pets get their groove on in new Sony spot

Adorable dogs, cats and bunnies respond to music in ad for speakers

A new ad for Sony’s new "boombastic" high-power home audio speakers, GTK-XB7, tests the power of music on pets. Turns out they love music just as much as we do. Sony collaborated with Hope & Glory and Unit9 to create the 60-second spot "Party Animals" showcasing their responses. The team turned to an animal perception expert to conduct a study on musical preference in household pets. The resulting commercial shows them reacting in super slow motion to a music track produced by Dutch DJ and musician Martin Garrix. Lush dog manes are blasted back by air blasts representing sound pressure, bunny noses twitch to the beat and a Persian cat vibrates to the beat in a sub-woofer. The spot is running online and across the brand’s social channels. A behind-the-scenes video shows the animals getting pampered before the shoot.