Peperami 'our neighbourhood' by Lowe London

Peperami is back as he takes on a group of tough gangland sausages, in the latest work by Lowe London. In a slight change of direction, the "bit of an animal" line has been dropped in favour of a strategy that reminds consumers that the meat-based snack is 100% pork salami. The ad, which now uses CGI instead of stop frame animation, begins in a New York deli. It is a rainy night and the Peperami stumbles across a group of mobster salamis, who quarrel with his right to be on their turf. As he is challenged to show the hoodlums what he's made of, he tears open his skin to reveal his 100% pork. One of the sausages says: "He's packing meat", as they all try to run away.