Peelz introduces overeager spokesman John Birk

The spot, created by Venables Bell + Partners, makes fun of Mandarin orange's simplicity.

Mandarin oranges aren’t a complicated fruit to eat. As Peelz notes in its new spot, "You peel them and then you eat them." 

But that doesn’t stop John Birk from loving his job as Peelz’s "Head of Product Demonstration." In the short film, Birk explains how he teaches people "how to peel Peelz." But it’s a pretty easy job with only two steps (1. Peel 2. Eat.).

Birk prepped for the role by obtaining his degree from the Institute of Citrus Technology. He also spices up the day by dressing in an orange suit. However, even he admits the job is pretty useless.

 "99.999% of everyone in the world probably knows how to peel a Mandarin," he says.