PayPal 'can do that' in ads touting seamless services

Crispin Porter + Bogusky LA highlights online brand's diverse payment options.

PayPal is more than just peer-to-peer payments. The company, which launched in 1998, has evolved to include a credit option, partnerships with millions of stores, a "buy now, pay later" feature and more. A new digital campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogusky LA aims to raise awareness of the company’s broader services with nine videos stressing "PayPal Can Do That." The ads show how life’s most difficult situations can be made easy with just a click of a button. In one spot, a dad uses the mobile app to purchase paint to cover up his toddler’s wall art, but he quickly switches from debit to credit when he sees that she went full on Jackson Pollock and he’ll need a cleaning crew. An extension of the company’s "New Money" global brand campaign, which began last year, the ads will run online on NBC, ABC, Bustle, Facebook and Instagram through June 30.