Parents throw tantrums after kids eat the Easter Peeps

A playful campaign reminds millennials of their love for the candy

Every Easter, kids have to protect their baskets from sneaky parents. Peeps reverses the scenario in a new ad ahead of the holiday synonymous with the brand. In a 60-second ad, kids tell their parents they have eaten all their Peeps and their parents break into teary outbursts and toddler-like fits. The ad is part of a new campaign called "Crying Shame," created by creative agency Terri & Sandy, for the brand’s latest confectionary sweet called Peeps Delights. The digital ad will be broken up into a series of web videos and GIFS, and will run on Facebook, Instagram and the Food Network’s digital channel beginning on March 6. Mock letters from kids to their parents apologizing for eating their Peeps will also run on social channels.