Oreo launches limited edition packs for world's struggling lefties

The brand partnered with 360i for the International Lefthanders Day campaign.

Lefties: today belongs to you.

It’s a chance for all of you unsung heroes to stand proud in this crazy, messed up, right-handed world. And Oreo wants to help you celebrate.

The brand teamed up with 360i to release limited edition packs specifically designed for population’s ten percent this International Lefthanders Day. 

It features a flap that opens on the right side of the pack (versus the usual left side opening), making it easier for lefties to get into.  

Oreo has launched a website dedicated to lefties where they can sign up for a pack of cookies that lets you "twist, lick and dunk the left way."

It’s being pushed with a 30-second anthem spot highlighting the daily challenges lefties endure.


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