Optimism is the best vaccination to combat the COVID-19

Luis Miguel Messianu, creative chairman & CEO of Alma, writes a letter from "prison"

Here I am, paying my sentence from this complicated house arrest. Within this confinement, I am trying to stay active, exercise both the body and the mind, and take advantage of this "solitude" to share with other "prisoners" some reflections.

It seems unbelievable that it was a virus that made us all come to our senses!

Could it be that the universe is making us pay for the sins of humanity?

I am convinced there is a spiritual purpose behind what is happening to us.

I think that the coronavirus serves to remind us that we are all the same, regardless of origin, culture, beliefs, occupation, financial health or how many followers we have on social media.

This disease does not discriminate. It shows us that everyone—absolutely everyone—is connected and that if a person suffers, his suffering affects us all.

It reminds us that stupid borders and imaginary walls don't matter since this virus travels without a passport or visa.

It makes us open our eyes and realize the enormous treasure that health is and how little attention we pay to it until it becomes precarious. It has made us realize the fragility and brevity of life and invites us to help each other and to show solidarity above all with the old and the sick.

It teaches us how materialistic our society has become and how, in times of hardship, we focus on the most essential needs (water, food, medicine or even toilet paper).

It is a reminder of how important our homes and families are, which we generally neglect. The virus is oddly forcing us to return to our homes, to appreciate them more and to strengthen the family unit. And it makes us see that our real job is not our work. Our true job is to take care of each other, protect ourselves and benefit from one another.

And "advertising inmates" in particular remind us to keep our egos in check. And that no matter how cool we think we are, there is something far more powerful than covers and festivals!

This may be an end or rather a new beginning. It is a time for reflection and a great opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes.

The virus reminds us that after every struggle, things get easier.

We cannot and should not forget that we are in the optimism business, and our true responsibility is to make optimism "viral"!

We don't need to panic; this too shall pass.

While most see the coronavirus as the end of the world, I choose to see it as the GPS that will get us back on the right track, bringing along kindness, respect, empathy, equality, and altruism as our luggage.

The reward will be to recover our precious freedom ... freedom of expression ... creative freedom ... freedom to live with good values, making sure we generate ideas that really benefit citizens and connect them with those brands that are truly authentic, and that really care about improving people's lives.

Faith will outweigh fear. Creativity will move mountains. Let us pay our "sentence," but in the process, let’s take the opportunity to reflect, to learn and to appreciate.

We cannot and must not forget that once we get out of this, we must give priority to what is truly worthwhile in our personal and professional lives.

Let us boldly face the responsibility we have to society.

Let's make this "temporary prison" a "permanent correctional facility"!

Luis Miguel Messianu is creative chairman & CEO of Alma

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