'One Decision For Us' campaign targets vaccine hesitancy with spoken word

VaynerMedia created the spot for The William Julius Wilson Institute at Harlem Children's Zone.

Vaccines are rolling out across the U.S., but vaccination rates for Black Americans and Latinos are lower than average. 

The William Julius Wilson Institute at Harlem Children's Zone’s campaign, "One Decision For Us," tapped spoken word artist Justice Davis to transform vaccine hesitancy into empowerment. Davis reflects on the hardships Black and Latino communities faced in the pandemic and encourages vaccinations as a way to strengthen the community and culture.

The spot ends with members of diverse communities taking off their masks next to a memorial for the loved ones they lost in the pandemic. The final shot zooms out to show that the group is standing in the formation of the word, "Us."

"I know we know death all too well, but we also know revival," Davis says. "And it will forever be one decision for us."


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