Omnisend shows small business owners' literal struggles in first video campaign

The spot, created by Clinic212, gives an alternative solution for small businesses outgrowing their surroundings.

Small business owners’ workload can seem overwhelming, especially when it's limiting their business growth. 

Omnisend, an email & SMS marketing platform, showed the tough side of running a small business in the campaign, "small business stories. Literally." The spot features two business owners who have literally outgrown the physical spaces of their office. 

A small boutique business owner struggles to fit a new design on a model, who has to stand halfway through the ceiling. Meanwhile, a supplement manufacturer’s storage units doubles as his store, giving him no room to package and ship out his products. 

The man remains positive about his situation saying, "After all, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it," despite drowning in pills. Both business owners are saved when Omnisend appears with a ladder to bring them into the light.