Oikos' 'forkable yogurt' will make you want to sing

The campaign, created by Lightning Orchard, puts a twist on Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game.'

It can be tough to sell a karaoke performance to a crowd, but it helps to have a little creamy inspiration. 

In the spot "Karaoke," a woman nervously sings Chris Isaak’s "Wicked Game" in a bar. She bows her head, barely looking up from the stage until a man screams for her to "sing about yogurt."

The woman gets a boost of confidence and starts singing about Oikos new "forkable yogurt," with fruit chunks. She belts out, "I long for yogurt with chunks of fruit that I can chew. Forkable yogurt with fruit chunks and nice texture too."

The crowd erupts into cheers as the tagline reads, "It’s OK to love Oikos. The creamy one with the fruit chunks."