Oglivy ad offers glimpse into India's LGBT community

"The Visit" from fashion brand Myntra features a female couple preparing to come out to one woman's parents

MUMBAI — Fashion brand Myntra has rolled out a film titled "The Visit" as part of its Bold and Beautiful campaign. Conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather for the women's ethnic wear brand, Anouk, the film matter-of-factly features a same-sex couple. 

The film opens with a young woman and her roommate getting ready in anticipation of her parents' visit. As they go about their preparations, eager to make a good impression on the parents, it becomes clear that the women are in fact a couple. As they embrace, the daughter says she does not want to hide their relationship anymore.

They receive a call that the parents have arrived, and the film ends with the two women walking out of the room together to receive them.