There are no action heroes in Grey's new gun control PSA

States United to Prevent Gun Violence partners again with Grey for gun control campaign featuring real-life bloodshed

Action movie shootouts are great. Excitement, danger and gore make for good cinema, right? Not when the gun violence is real, as an unsuspecting audience found out for a new gun safety PSA for States United to Prevent Gun Violence from Grey. Self-identified lovers of action movies were invited to a special screening of a new "Hollywood blockbuster." Instead of improbable stunts, they saw real footage of shootings, both accidental and deliberate, uncensored and chilling. The same moviegoers who had lauded film shootouts while waiting in line described the reality as "disturbing," "disgusting" and "horrible." In a previous campaign for SUPGV, Grey created a fake gun shop in New York City that offered merchandise labeled with the crimes committed with them.