NHS Blood and Transplant "Organ donation hothouse week" by 23red

NHS Blood and Transplant targets teens in the latest instalment of its "Pass it on" campaign.

Working alongside five-person mentoring group Joined Up Thinking, the campaign aims to promote the upcoming law change for organ donation, which will see England move from an "opt in" to an "opt out" system in a bid to increase donations.

The campaign launched today (14 February) across Instagram and Snapchat, and is comprised of heart-inspired drawings, videos and embroideries to raise awareness for the change in law. While one poster reads "‘nine lives, two minutes, one decision", another repeats the tagline "pass it on" in a bid to create intrigue among the campaign’s target market.

This follows a Kantar study which found that only 37% of 16- to 17-year-olds were aware of the change in the law. The work was created by Merle Nunneley, Hillary Nyarko, Jonathan Reid, Stafi Samaki and Sofia Schartner.


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