Nestle, KitKat Chunky chocolate bar

Claire Billings chooses J Walter Thompson's Kit Kat ad. The spot features 'Snatch' and 'Lock Stock''s Jason Statham philosophising over the plight of the salmon, which swims upstream and then dies. Statham reminds us that humans are, in fact, not salmon and we are encouraged to "Have a Break". The choice of Statham as narrator is a clever move, because being both a man's man and popular with the ladies gives the ad broad appeal. Whether the clever creatives working on the ad also chose him because they established a link between salmon and Statham, a former Olympic diver, is unclear. Still, the ad is a clever angle on the long-running Kit Kat "Have a Break" theme, which launched with the bar's first TV ad in 1957. The creative team at JWT is Nick Wootton and Jonathan John.