Naomi Campbell stars in Equinox's first hotel spot

The luxury brand is taking over a building in New York City's Hudson Yards.

There’s a mini metropolis boom happening inside New York City right now.

It’s called Hudson Yards and the rate at which shiny new skyscrapers are flying up on Manhatten’s lower west side is ridiculous.

One of these buildings will be home to the Equinox hotel.

The celebrate its launch and release of the June 2019 opening date, Executive Chairman Harvey Spevak commissioned Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio and long-time collaborator Naomi Campbell to direct and star in, respectively, the hotel’s first campaign by RanaVerse.

He said: "The philosophy, ‘It’s not fitness, it’s life" has grounded Equinox -- and fueled a cultural movement -- for more than 25 years, and now we’re introducing Equinox Hotels as a true culmination of our brand promise.

"Steeped with deep knowledge of how to cater 24/7 to the high performance needs of the most discerning community, we are a company that has always seen the world differently and defined trends rather than following them. Everything we’ve done to this point has given us true license to enter hospitality and chart its future with a completely fresh, uniquely ‘Equinox’ point of view."

The hotel is affixed with all the five star amenities you would find in a luxury hotel -- but on steroids.

added: "I’ve been a longtime admirer of Equinox and how they have set up their brand as a lifestyle with immense attention to detail. This is something I can certainly identify with and was proud to be a part of. Hotels are an obvious extension of this brand."


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