Nabs reminds advertisers 'This Job Can Break You If You Let It'

The spot, created by Cossette, encourages adland to put mental health first.

Working in the advertising industry can have its grueling moments. 

The National Advertising Benevolent Society (Nabs) in Canada wants advertisers to prioritize mental health in honor of World Mental Health Day on October 10.

In the PSA "This Job Can Break You If You Let It," an exhausted woman is working late in the office as she struggles to finish a campaign for crackers. 

She is surprised when the crackers’ mascot appears on her desk and starts performing a jingle. "This job can break you if you let it, it can take and take some more," the cracker sings. "When will you open your eyes and get it? It’s 10 p.m. time to head for the door."

The cracker pops open her desk drawer revealing her stash of whiskey and drugs that "might numb the pain, but nothing will change." The song wraps up with a grand finale featuring multiple crackers dancing around. 

At the end, the cracker convinces the woman to leave the office and head home. The tagline encourages people to reach out to Nabs for help. The film’s original song "This Job Can Break You" will also be available on Spotify starting October 11th.