Museum of Ice Cream's mission to unite world with rainbow sprinkles

Yes -- the job comes with free, unlimited ice cream (and rosé).

You know that old saying: It’s all fun and games at Museum of Ice Cream until Gen Zers and Millennials demand more Instagram-worthy photos. 

Peter Sun is on a mission to unite the world with the power of soft whip, cone and sprinkles.

The vice president of brand and marketing at San Francisco’s museum revolutionizing how we view ice cream. 

Campaign US shared a sundae with the marketer behind one of the West Coast’s most social media friendly spaces. 

This dream job sounds all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows -- but what major challenge is your industry facing right now?

It is a dream job to have a mission to unite people and spread joy with ice cream. We created a cultural phenomenon that revolutionized the experiential (and ice cream) industry and I believe we have an obligation to continue to lead it with firsts. This means that we challenge ourselves to be incredibly agile. We learn as we innovate and our company’s culture pushes us to be unafraid of failure.

How is Museum of Ice Cream targeting new consumers? How is the museum showing up in ways it previously hadn't?

We’re expanding the ways in which we share our brand purpose and promise with people. For example, during Pride Month, we gifted any couple married in the month of June free tickets to our museum in San Francisco, regardless of how they identify. 

We created Museum of Ice Cream to be an inclusive space and instead of telling people how we believe in diversity, we show it and celebrate it with them. 

Do you have any agency partners? How do you work with them/what agency-client model do you think works best?

Our creative team of designers, architects, and producers led by our creative director concept everything in house with the mantra that "Anything is Possible."

What's the game plan for the coming year?

Taking our mission (and sprinkle pools) global.

Does this job really come with free ice cream?

Yes, there’s unlimited ice cream and rosé on tap -- both best enjoyed on our giant pink swing.


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