Movie "trailer" warns of genocide in unsettling spot from human rights group

We Are Social uses Hollywood techniques to raise alarm about government-sanctioned violence

A contested election. An authoritarian leader. The suppression of ethnic minorities and journalists. A population on the edge of political violence. It would have the makings of a good movie, if it wasn’t so real. A new trailer for a fake movie from the International Federation of Human Rights warns of the threat of genocide in the central African nation of Burundi, after the reelection of President Pierre Nkurunziza. He has been accused of inflaming the same racial tensions that led to the Rwandan genocide and cracking down on political dissent (going as far as banning jogging, claiming it was being used as a cover for activism). The 60-second spot by We Are Social France debuted on a billboard in Times Square Monday and is also running in French cinemas.