"Misfortune" becomes "it's more fun" in adorably nerdy Scrabble holiday ad

"Anagram Christmas" uses anagrams to tell the story of an expanding family's Christmas

A family opens their doors and hearts to its newest member, an abandoned dog, in the latest from Scrabble’s "There’s Magic in Words" campaign, launched online back in May.

The new ad, "Anagram Christmas"—courtesy of LOLA, a creative agency in Spain that’s part of Mullen Lowe Group network—connects the expanded family during the holiday season with the use of antigrams, or anagrams that rearrange to spell out opposite-meaning words. ("misfortune," for example, becomes "it’s more fun.")

The minute-long film will be promoted on YouTube videos using the Google TrueView ad tool, said a spokeswoman for LOLA.


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