Megan Thee Stallion faces off against alter ego Tina Snow for Popeyes

The spot, created by Gut, features a showdown for Popeyes' new Hottie Sauce.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Popeyes Hottie Sauce has arrived — and the rapper isn’t willing to give it up easily. 

In the spot "Wild Megan," Megan is at a western saloon in Houston when she’s informed that someone has stolen her Hottie Sauce. 

"Not my Hottie Sauce," she declares before hopping on her motorcycle with her French bulldog 4oe in tow.

The spot turns into an animated cartoon amid the chase, and Megan’s motorcycle is transformed into a horse. She finally catches up with the masked bandit in New Orleans, home of Popeyes. 

But there’s a twist: the thief is Megan’s alter ego, Tina Snow.