Meet the Next Generation 2023

60 up-and-coming creatives share their insights on creativity, advertising and their hopes for the future of the industry.

Back to top Every year, I walk away from a day of moderating a live judging session for the BIG Awards invigorated, inspired and hopeful for the future.

In September, Campaign US virtually gathered 60 up-and-coming creatives working at different agencies across the country to judge the BIG Awards for the third year in a row. 

Alongside senior creative mentors, these fresh faces joined each other in groups on Zoom to debate and evaluate the entries, listen to each other’s perspectives, get a peek behind the curtain of the award show jury room and, ultimately, learn to become better creatives.

As always, I was struck by how thoughtful, passionate and righteous this next generation is. 

They care — not just about the future state of the industry, but the world. Diversity and inclusion matters to them fiercely, and they’re determined to make change. They’re not afraid to poke holes in ideas that seem purposeful on the surface but lack action to back them up. 

They’re beyond just savvy online; it’s like a native language. They know which brands are funny and are getting social media trends right — but brands that promote online toxicity or misalign with their values will pay the price.

Most of all, they’re smart, ambitious, optimistic about the future of creativity and eager to do the best work for their careers. And they have pearls of wisdom beyond their years that executives, directors, VPs and managers of all levels can learn from. 

Thank you so much to this year’s jury class of 2023 for your invaluable insight, and to the creative mentors who helped guide productive and informative discussions in the jury room. We look forward to celebrating the winners at an awards ceremony on November 15

Now, introducing the Next Generation!

– Alison Weissbrot is editor-in-chief of Campaign US

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The Next Generation