Manning brothers play up sibling rivalry in Frito-Lay Super Bowl spot

Eli and Peyton Manning join NFL legends in 'Twas' the Night Before Kickoff.'

Fans aren’t the only ones getting pumped to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Super Bowl Sunday. Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch narrates the sequel to his Frito-Lay spot, "Twas' the Night Before Kickoff," that aired in September. In the spot, Lynch checks in on the "Super Bowl legends of yesteryear" including Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Jerome Bettis and Deion Sanders. The former athletes are so excited for the big game, they can’t  sleep — and stay up late eating Frito-Lay snacks instead. 

The Manning brothers throw passes to each other while wearing matching pajamas. Their antics wake up their father, former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning. "Go to bed!" Archie yells, but his sons can’t let go of their sibling rivalry.