Maker of Indian festival wear gets into Independence Day spirit

Manyamar portrays a small boy excited to emulate Mahatma Gandhi

Celebration-wear brand Manyavar has launched a campaign ahead of Independence Day in India, which falls on August 15 and celebrates the nation's 1947 founding. A film created by Shreyansh Innovations, Kolkata, went live on the fashion brand's YouTube channel and is also airing on TV.

The film is about a little boy and how much he is looking forward to Independence Day, when he can wear traditional attire and hoist the national flag. He talks about it constantly to his father, who is amused but immersed in work. The little boy even dresses up as Mahatma Gandhi as the day approaches.

He gets up earlier than his father on Independence day, calls his mother to figure where the traditional kurta garments are, dons his and brings a kurta to his father. They end up in the courtyard around a flag post, with fellow Indians dressed for the celebrations.

The brand's YouTube page leaves us with the message: "Our kids are more patriotic than we know."

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