Lucky Brand appreciates nature's beauty with Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine

The clothing brand's campaign, "Play for the Parks," features two performances in Yosemite Park.

Lucky Brand wants to raise national park preservation awareness by showing off nature’s wonders — and its ability to serve as the perfect backdrop for an outdoor concert.

The clothing brand tapped Andrew Bird and Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam for its digital content series, "Play for the Parks." It’s the first time the musicians have collaborated together.

For the series, Bird and Beam gave live acoustic performances at Yosemite Park. The concerts were produced by La Blogothèque, the production company known for its impromptu "Take Away Shows".

In one episode, Bird performs his song "Manifest," accompanied by Beam, at Tenaya Lake. Bird closes out the show with a debut live performance of his unreleased song "Fixed Positions."

In both performances, Bird and Beam wear Lucky Brand clothing. As part of "Play for the Parks" Lucky Brand donated $25,000 to preserve national parks. Additionally, Lucky Brand is hosting a contest for fans to win a $500 Lucky Brand gift card, framed maps of Yosemite signed by Bird and Iron & Wine, among other prizes.