Listen like a Canadian with Spotify Playlist Generator

Spotify's Canadify will help fill those long travel hours with Canadian music

Disappointed with the results of the primaries so far? Planning a move to Canada come November? Spotify came up with a way to prepare you for the place where maple syrup always flows.   

On Monday, the music platform launched "Canadify," an online tool to train your ear to listen like a Canadian. On, you enter the name of your favorite artist and click ‘Canadify.’ Based on your taste, a playlist is generated of songs from Canadian artists within your Spotify account.  

When we entered U2 (an office favorite), we got a playlist made up of Bryan Adams, Chad Kroger and Joni Mitchell songs. If you are more of a Muse fan, the generator predicts you might enjoy the Canadian voices of Drake, Arcade Fire or Crash Test Dummies.    

Inspiration for the generator came from Spotify’s discovery that the search term ‘move to Canada’ has increased by over 6,732 percent on Twitter from February to March. Spotify has also amassed their own ‘Moving Up to Canada" playlist, with songs ranging from Justin Bieber’s "Sorry" to The Avett Brothers "A Lot of Moving."

This comes after the launch last month of Spotify’s ‘Moving’ commercial featuring Flo Rida’s "My House." The video, created through Wieden+Kennedy, now has 1.8 million views on YouTube.


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