Lil Nas X brings the hype for Taco Bell's breakfast

The campaign, created by Deutsch LA, stars Taco Bell's newest chief impact officer.

Hitting the hay after a long day can be appealing — but waking up is so much better with Taco Bell’s Toasted Breakfast Burritos.

In the spot "Talk Show Dreams," Lil Nas X stars as himself, wearing a pink suit with matching shoes and a pompadour. A fan dreams that she is on a late-night talk show with the rapper. She gets to dance on stage with Lil Nas X and is the star of the show. "There’s no reason to wake up, we’re slaying the stage together," he says. But "crispy bacon and fluffy eggs" might be the only thing better than her dream. 

"The sooner you wake, the sooner you’ll get Toasted Breakfast Burritos," Lil Nas X says.

Taco Bell also appointed Lil Nas X, who worked at the fast-food chain as a teen, to "chief impact officer," where he will "collaborate on the brand experience from the inside out."