Licorice company Lakrids by Bulow offers free samples to licorice haters

The campaign, created by &Co./NoA, says it will take 412 years to complete the mission.

Licorice is a controversial candy — many people consider it one of the worst candies ever made. 

Danish confectionery Lakrids by Bulow is determined to make the world love licorice by giving out free samples. In the spot, Tommy from Production plays testimonials of licorice haters trying pieces of the candy — and hating it.

Lakrids by Bulow hopes to change their minds.The company determines that it can get 84% of people in the world to like licorice in 412 years. 

"That’s dumb," a licorice hater says. The confectionery notes that it also only has one licorice machine and takes up to 48 hours to make one piece. But the company is going to try to deliver licorice around the world. 

People can receive a free sample at and spread the word using the hashtag #ShareItWithAHater