Lexus delivers a celebrity triple threat in Super Bowl LI spot

Dancer Lil' Buck, actress Minnie Driver and artist Sia collaborate to promote the new LC 500

It's hard for car marketers to stand out in this year's Super Bowl filled with second screen initiatives, live commercials and Justin Bieber picking his favorite dance moves in real time. But Lexus enlists the help of dancer Lil' Buck, actress Minnie Driver and artist Sia to capture its audience's attention in its first Big Game appearance since 2015. In a 60-second spot from LA-based agency Team One, Lil' Buck's moves to Sia's "Move Your Body" are so fluid that it's unclear where the new LC 500 performance coupe ends and he begins. "Machines don't have emotions, but the rare few can inspire them," Driver declares before the car zooms in for a close-up that can't be ignored.