Lego "Be a hero" by The Lego Agency

The Lego Group utilises the power of stop-motion to encourage families to stay at home amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Big Ben chimes as a Lego news broadcaster stands outside Westminster Abbey. "This year, the Easter bunny is looking for a new hero to step up," the reporter declares, before urging viewers to adopt the superpowers of "staying home, protecting our NHS, and saving lives", in what is essentially a better executed version of Chris Witty’s coronavirus campaign.

Families are invited to engage in family film nights, contact loved ones online or by phone, practice social distancing and wash their hands for 20 seconds, with Lego reassuring children: "I promise you’ll be back outside again."

The work was created by The Lego Agency and directed by Dan Richards through A+C Studios.

Last September, Lego launched a global campaign calling on young creatives to "Rebuild the world".