Laphroaig's 'tornado of flaming wolves' splits families for Father's Day

Dads disagree in the latest #OpinionsWelcome spot by White Label UK

Laphroaig Scotch Whisky’s self-deprecating "Opinions Welcome" campaign continues with an online Father’s Day spot from White Label UK. Comedians Connor Dooley, Tyler Fischer, Carlin Adelson and Adam Mamawala drink with their fathers, but one member of each pair hates the taste of the mystery liquor in the green bottle. As with other spots in the three-year series, even the Laphroaig fans use choice language to describe its potent flavor. Nearly everyone in the video has trouble pronouncing the name on the label — a sure sign they’re not seasoned Scotch drinkers — so the unscripted campaign has been an ingenious way to introduce new customers to the 200-year-old brand.